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That they may all be one

So that the world may believe


After the Crucifixion and his Resurrection Jesus told his disciples that although he was returning to Heaven he would send them 'another' helper who would always be with them to spread God's message of Love, Forgiveness, Salvation and Eternal Life for all believers.  That helper would be the Holy Spirit.  Jesus' promise is recorded in the Bible in Acts, Chapter 1, verse 8:

But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be filled with power, and you will be witnesses for me in Jerusalem, in all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. [English]

thr chwi a dderbyniwch nerth yr Ysbryd Glân wedi y delo efe arnoch; ac a fyddwch dystion i mi yn Jerwsalem, ac yn holl Jwdea, a Samaria, ac hyd eithaf y ddaear. [Welsh]

λλ λήμψεσθε δύναμιν πελθόντος το γίου πνεύματος φ’ μς, κα σεσθέ μου μάρτυρες ν τε ερουσαλμ κα ν πάσ τ ουδαί κα Σαμαρεί κα ως σχάτου τς γς. [Greek]

We Knights Templar, starting from Jerusalem where the Order was founded in about 1118, have been faithful and, with the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, have helped to spread Jesus' message throughout the world.

There is a particular responsibility laid upon Chaplains to be the initial messengers - the Evangelists - the bringers of the good tidings of the redemption of the world through Jesus Christ.  In short, to preach and teach 'the Gospel' - the Good News.

This is why at all of our Church Services - especially at our Investiture Services - a Chaplain will always lead (not follow, as in some traditions) the opening Procession and preach.

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