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13th Century

Chevalier and Sergeant

13th century Chevalier    13th century Sergeant

                                                           Chevalier                                                  Sergeant

The Templar ranks were:

  • Knights (Chevaliers) were always noblemen.  Templar Knights were equipped as heavy cavalry, with three or four horses and one or two squires.  Squires were generally not members of the Order but were instead outsiders who were usually hired for a set period of time.  They wore the famous white mantles emblazoned with the red cross.
  • Sergeants were from non-noble families.  They brought vital skills and trades such as blacksmithing and building, and they administered many of the Order's European properties.  In the Crusader States, they fought alongside the knights as light cavalry with a single horse.  They wore black or brown.
  • Chaplains were ordained priests responsible for the Templars' spiritual needs.  They were often drawn from the Templar knightly ranks.

All ranks were referred to as "Brothers".




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