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The Grand Master of the Order, Brigadier General Ronald Scott Mangum PhD JD [US Army (Ret)] together with the Grand Priors who, together with the Grand Master, constitute the supreme authority of the Order - Grand Magistral Council of the Order - are able to announce that a new international website for the Order has been established at:

This new website is being completely redesigned in order to replace, entirely, the former website which had been operating under the generous auspices of the Grand Priory of America  (for which the Order is most grateful).  Gradually the old pages will be migrated to and updated into the new website.  Please therefore note that from 1 March 2022 the old website can no longer be relied upon to contain any up to date or reliable information about the Order as it will take some time to completely remove it from the Internet.  There may be a few minor inaccuracies on the new website but the errors are gradually being corrected.  In the meantime the new website will be able to expand and provide more information about the development of the Order across the world .......

To the Glory of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), ever One.

Our world-wide membership can be seen on the page entitled OSMTJ GLOBAL MEMBERS


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