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Psalm 23

Psalm 23

An extract from this book:


                                   The Lord is my Pilot, I shall not drift.

                                   He lighteth me across the dark waters;
                                   He steereth me in deep channels;
                                   He keepeth my log.
                                   He guideth me by the Star of Holiness
                                   for His Name's sake.

                                   Yea, though I sail
                                   mid the thunders and tempests of life,
                                   I will dread no danger,
                                   for Thou art with me;
                                   Thy love and Thy care they shelter me.

                                   Thou preparest a harbour before me
                                   in the homeland
                                   of Eternity.
                                   Thou anointest the waves with oil.
                                   My ship rideth calmly.

                                   Surely sunlight and starlight
                                   shall favour me
                                   on the voyage I take,
                                   and I will rest in the port
                                   of my God for ever.

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