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Contributing to the Community

[This page is under continuous updating]

Our Knights, Dames and Guild members make numerous contributions to their local communities and also to wider society.  On this page we'll illustrate or mention some of the events which have taken place.  If you want more details - especially about how you might assist or get involved simply fill in the "Contact Us" form and someone will get back to you. 

Just to give one example a small group got together and decided to help their local church.  Because one of the members had some grass cutting machinery they set to and tidied up the church yard, cut large areas of grass while leaving some parts to 'go wild' to encourage nature.  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have kept the churchyard tidy ever since.

Supporting Charities

We are keen to support all sorts of charities.  Amongst these are Baby Basics: (Registered Charity Number 1168099)

Baby Basics logo

The introduction on the Baby Basics website ( reads:

Baby Basics is a volunteer-led project aiming to support new mothers and families who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby.  Baby Basics started in Sheffield in the spring of 2009, this centre continues to support families across Sheffield working with a wide range of frontline health and social care professionals.  There is an ever increasing network of Baby Basics centres across the country each staffed by a committed team of volunteers.

Baby Basics provides much needed essentials and equipment to mothers and families who are unable to provide these items for themselves; including but not limited to teenage mums, people seeking asylum and women fleeing domestic abuse and trafficking.

Working with midwives, health visitors and other professional groups to provide support directly where it is most needed, Baby Basics volunteers lovingly collect, sort and package a ‘Moses Basket’ of clothing, toiletries and essential baby equipment as an attractive gift to new mothers.

The aim is to help these new mothers practically and generously, demonstrating the love of God through our care.  God is at the centre of Baby Basics as we are inspired and motivated by His heart for everyone.  Every day we continue – and every item we send out, is thanks to His kindness, grace and provision.

Our vision is based on Matthew 25:37-40:

Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink?  When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you?  When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’  The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

Our Grand Prior and his wife delivered a Moses Basket to a collection centre on 24 June 2023:

Moses Basket delivery - 23 June 2023

There are Basic Baby collection centres all over the UK, including Wales in Swansea, Port Talbot, Barry (south of Cardiff) and Mountain Ash (north of Cardiff).

For your nearest Baby Basics please click here.

baby Basics - here to help   Baby Basics - locations map 

The Grand Prior delivered another 'Moses basket' which he had recently acquired from a charity shop (4 July 2023):

  OTJ - Baby basics - Store OTJ - Baby Basics -  at Emmanuel Church



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