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Please note that some of the dates below are only approximate

Hugh de Argentein              1140

Osto                                 1150

Richard de Hastyngs           1155 to 1164

Richard Mallebeench

Geoffrey Fitz Stephen          1180 to 1185

William de New(en)ham      1185

Thomas Berard                  1200

Aymeric de St Maur            1200, 1205, 1215 [Magna Carta] and 1228

Alan Marcell                       1220 and 1228

Amberaldus                       1229

Robert Mounford                1234

Robert Sa(u)nford(e)          1231 to 1247

Rocelin de Fosse                1250 to 1253

Amadeus de Morestello       1254 to 1259

Ambesard                         1264

Humbert de Pairaud           1267 to 1269

Guy de Foresta                  1273 to 1274

William de Beaulieu            1274

Thomas de Cantilupe          A Provincial Grand Master [Canonised as Saint Thomas Cantilupe in 1320]

Robert de Turville               1276 to 1290

Guy de Foresta                  1291 to 1295

James de Molay                 1295 to 1297 [Martyred in Paris in 1314 - the last medieval Grand Master]

Brian le Jay                       1297 to 1298

William de la More             1298 to 1314


Brother Gordon                  1990 to 22 April 2014: Grand Prior of the Knights Templar (OSMTH) of Scotland.

Brother Brian                     10 November 2012 to 2016: Prior of the Priory of Knights Templar (OSMTH) of Wales.

Brother Gordon                  22 April 2014 to 2020:
                                                      Grand Prior General of the Knights Templar (OSMTH) of Great Britain.

Brother Brian                     1 January 2016 to 16 August 2018:
                                                      Grand Prior 
of The Grand Priory of Knights Templar (OSMTH) of Wales.

Brother Brian                     22 October 2016 to 16 August 2018:
of The Knights Templar (OSMTH) in Wales.

Interregnum                     17 August 2018 to 5 April 2019.

Brother Graham                 6 April 2019 to 6 July 2020:
                                                      Grand Pr
ior of The Grand Priory of Knights Templar (OSMTH) of Wales.

Brother Graham                 7 July 2020 to present:
                                                      Grand Pr
ior of The Grand Priory of Knights Templar (OTJ/OSMTJof All Britain.
                                                      Grand Prior of The Grand Priory of Knights Templar (OTJ/OSMTJof Wales.
                                                                Master of The Knights Templar (OTJ/OSMTJ) of All Britain, of Wales & of England.

NOTE:  The modern Order was originally registered in Belgium in 1933 as the "Ordre du Temple de J
érusalem" (OTJ) - in English, the "Order of the Temple of Jerusalem" (OTJ).  It was also known as the "Sovereign and Military Order of Jerusalem" (OSMTJ).  However numerous spurious 'Orders' have used the OSMTJ designation, claiming to be legitimate Knights Templar.  Consequently, in 2023, it was decided to re-register the Order again, in Belgium, under its original name "Ordre du Temple de Jérusalem" (OTJ).  Grand Priories are permitted to retain the OSMTJ title or the use the revised OTJ one.  The Grand Prior of All Britain decided to use the OTJ title and, in order to protect this name, he  has also registered the "Ordre du Temple de Jérusalem" (OTJ) within the company law of England & Wales. 

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