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Paris, March2018

During 2018-19 the Order celebrated the

900th Anniversary of its foundation in

Jerusalem in 1118

Paris 2018 - Logo

9 -11 March 2018

Over the weekend 9 - 11 March nearly 700 Knights and Dames from 70 countries from all across the world gathered together in Paris, France, to celebrate the start of the 900th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Order in Jerusalem in 1118.

We were also there to Commemorate the Anniversary of the Martyrdom

Jacques de Molay - Memorial

in Paris in 1314 of Jacques de Molay, the last mediaeval Grand Master.

Five Knights and Dames of the Grand Priory of Wales attending the events, led by
His Excellency, the late Grand Prior of Wales, The Chevalier Brian Ansen GCTJ

Grand Prior of Wales - Paris 2018

Paris 2018 - 1

Paris 2018 - 2

Knights  Dames

Nine Candles

Knights  Dames group

Crowned Cross


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