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This is the only Official Website of

The Grand Priory of Wales
being a full member of the International

Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani


The Supreme Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem

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In 2018-20 the Order is celebrating the

900th Anniversary

of its foundation in

Jerusalem in 1118

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The International Arms of the Order

Arms of the Order

The Grand Priory of Wales is the only officially and internationally recognised Grand Priory of the Order of Knights Templar for and in Wales.  Throughout the world there are other Priories and Grand Priories of this Order and together we have a membership running into thousands of Christian men and women.

However, 'other' groups using such titles as the 'Grand Priory of England and Wales''Knights Templar International' [legal title 'Knights Templar International Novus Ordo Militiae Limited']; Knights Templar UK'; the 'Grand Priory of Great Britain'; the 'Grand Priory of the United Kingdom'; and many similar variations do not represent and are not to be confused with us.  Some even use and claim membership of O.S.M.T.H.  So beware!!!

Sadly some so-called 'Templar' groups (especially those found on the Internet) are not even remotely connected with we true Templars but are merely recruiting organisations for political or other ideologies, whilst others may be 'breakaway' groups which left the mainstream of the Templars some years ago, and still others are completely self-made groups posing as Knights Templar.  Unfortunately many of these groups are merely fund-raising for their self-appointed leaders even though they may offer some sort of 'document' or the like, pretending that an applicant has joined the real Knights Templar.  In contrast we are quite open about our aims and objectives and about any costs involved in joining.  Further, our Investiture events in particular are always open for the public to attend; so anyone who might be thinking of applying to join, could come along and meet us.

This website is regularly updated - at least once a month and often more frequently - and we always have a lot of material and information for members of the public to read.  In contrast some so-called Templar websites are rarely updated or, indeed, completely static.

Meanwhile, we are NOT a political organisation and we have no connections whatsoever with any political organisation or political party.  Similarly we are not a Re-enactor group.

We have no connections with any Freemasonry or other Masonic organisation, British or Foreign.

We do not 'recruit' to any such organisations under any circumstatances.

We do not have any sort of social media presence (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc etc) and we have no connections with any organisations which makes such claims or links through their social media pages.

Obviously neither we nor our colleagues in the Americas are anything at all to do with or connected in any way whatsoever with a Mexican 'drugs cartel' who have adopted the name 'Knights Templar'!




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