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Grand Prior's new year Message

1 January 2024 - Elizabeth Tower  fireworks

Into a world of sin and sorrow, the Prince of Peace was born 2000 years ago.  Unfortunately, it's much the same today.  So we should pray that He, the King of Kings and Lord of All, would return again and establish HIS Rule of Peace and Justice, everywhere.

Maranatha - Come Lord Jesus !

From the Southwick Codex
King Alfred's Old English Version of Augustine's Soliloquies OE - maranatha (British Library Cotton MS Vitellius A XV, folio 5r)

Christmas - 2017

Illuminated Letter 'A' - Venturino Mercati (c. 1450-1500)

New Year is a time to pray for a better year ahead so we sent our very Best Wishes and Blessings to all of the
Knights and Dames of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem throughout the world
and to the hundreds of others who visit these pages on a daily basis.

A Blessing

May God
(the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - Ever and Only One)

bless, preserve and keep you safe

in His Love and Care today

and in the New Year ahead


‡ The Grand Prior of All Britain

There is always hope

Rotating Cross



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