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Northern Ireland Templars

On 16 November 2022 the Grand Master confirmed to the Grand Prior of All Britain that Northern Ireland has, within the Statutes of the Order, potential 'entity' status, being a nation within the United Kingdom and not being part of the Republic of Ireland.

Here is an extract of the relevant Article:

Article V. Structure of the Order

1. The Order is composed of autonomous Grand Priories.  Only one Grand Priory may exist in any one nation or state.

Consequently aspiring Templars resident in Northern Ireland or anyone wishing to join the Order can now help to establish a group there.

The support of existing Templars in Northern Ireland currently in any Templar group who would be interested in assisting in the process will be very welcome.

The new group will join the family of the Grand Priory of All Britain and we are pleased to support this programme.

Anyone interested can get in touch via the "Contact Us" page on the menu on the left.



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