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Membership Application

Detailed information about joining can be obtained by completing the Contact Us form which can be found on the next page below this one, in menu on the left - but please read the rest of this page ........

Please note that we require to see TWO positive identification documents from all applicants in the form of a colour photocopy of the page(s) which show your photograph in all current passports held, a colour photocopy of a current driving licence or at least one recent utility bill.

Any person considering applying for Membership of The Grand Priory of All Britain, The Grand Priory of Wales or The Priory of England of this Order is required to sign a formal PETITION to The Grand Prior in which s/he is asked to confirm that s/he has read and accepted the latest Statutes which can be found on the menu opposite.


 Arms of the Order

Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem

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    Crowned Cross


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